August 23, 2023

Keyboard Shortcut Setup

Thank you for choosing to use Ctrl-F Plus!. Please follow the instructions below if the Ctrl+Shift+F keyboard command is not automatically loaded on your extension.


  1. Install "Ctrl-F Plus" in Chrome.
  2. Pin the extension:
  • Click the puzzle piece icon (Extensions) in Chrome's top-right.
  • Locate "Ctrl-F Plus" and click its pin icon.
  1. Right-click the "Ctrl-F Plus" icon and select "Set Keyboard Shortcut".
  2. Find "Ctrl-F Plus" in the list.
  3. Set the activation shortcut:
  • Windows, Linux, ChromeOS: Ctrl + Shift + F.
  • Mac: + Shift + F (or Command + Shift + F).
  1. Close the window, and you're ready! Use the shortcut for multi-tab searches anytime.