Ctrl-F Plus:
For the
Tab Hoarders

Tab hoarders, your time has come. Ctrl-F Plus searches across all your precious tabs, not just the one you're currently obsessing over.

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Tab Junkie? Meet Your New Best Friend.

Your Guiding Light in the Tab Chaos

Tab overload? We've got your back. Unearth any word or phrase hidden across the depths of your browser tabs.


All-Tab Search: The Panoramic View

Upgrade from One-Tab Searches

Your CTRL+F only searches one tab? That's cute. We prefer the panoramic view.

Familiar Interface: Revolutionary Yet Comfortable

Innovation with Coziness

Just because we've revolutionized search doesn't mean we can't be cozy. Slip into something comfortable.

Easy Activation: CTRL+SHIFT+F

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

CTRL+SHIFT+F. So easy a caveman could do it. But don't worry, you'll probably get the hang of it too.


Take your tab hoarding to the next level.

Tabs out of control? Nah, they're just misunderstood.Add Ctrl-F Plus to your browser and let your tabs run wild!

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