At Ctrl-F Plus we're not just pixel pushers; we're certified tab hoarders, just like you! Lost in the abyss of endless tabs? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. That's why we're letting our tabs run wild as we transform the old school CTRL F shortcut (Cmd F for our Apple buddies) into the productivity tool that you've been searching for.

Our grand plan? Snatch those fleeting moments from the jaws of tab chaos and gift them back to you. So you can get back to binge-watching cat videos or, you know, other important stuff.

Our Team

  • Photo of Ben Chavez

    Ben Chavez


    Ben is a full-stack software engineer with an extensive background in financial services. Possessing a naturally analytical mind, he enjoys learning new technologies and solving complex problems. When Ben isn’t coding, he can often be found writing music or reading

  • Photo of Ighodalo I

    Ighodalo I


    Ighodalo is an experienced Product Designer who is passionate about designing meaningful and impactful web-based digital products that meet user needs, business goals, and technology standards.

Proudly Open Source

Got a soft spot for browser extensions or daydream about Typescript? Then hey, if you're into it, slide into our codebase with your PRs...